Welcome To Translation Pillars

The world has been witnessing an everincreasing wave of scientific, technical, cultural and other equally significant developments. Finding in Middle East region a very promising market, many high-profile companies, producers, manufacturers and organizations target this consuming market for promoting and selling their new products and services. This trend has given rise to a need for an intermediary entity that would act as an interface between the Western language-based products and services and their targeted consumers and audience who speak and communicate in non-Western languages (Arabic, Farsi, Pashto and Urdu). The basic role of that entity is to help product and service producers overpass the language barriers.

Translation peak has, therefore, opted to assume the role of such entity that shoulders the mission of transforming the content of this trend into Middle Eastern languages so as to keep ME companies and organizations abreast of the these highly significdant developments and thus enable them react in the real time in such a way that cuts the mustard.